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Aqua Aura - La seduzione dell’immagine

Aqua Aura - The seduction of the image
by Alessandro Trabucco - Gente di Fotografia nr. 68

For some time Aqua Aura has been working on images which lie in a particular linguistic and visual experimentation area that can break the foundations of the concept of recognizability of the expressive medium used. Aqua Aura is the pseudonym chosen by an artist based in Milan, who wanted be inspired by the natural quartz and its transformation obtained after treatment with gold vapors, to underline a sort of continuous metamorphosis on the path of artistic exploration.
His creative evolution is focused on some “classical” artistic genres, also homogeneous in photography: portrait, landscape, still life, and in this continuous expansion, photography is the solid platform on which he initially built the strong foundation of his aesthetic inquiry, devoted to the very nature of the image and to the interaction with the viewer’s perception and enjoyment. To better illustrate this creative development, it is necessary to reflect on the current status of the photographic image and its enormous diffusion and circulation through the use of the most diverse media at a universal level.
Aqua Aura asks himself two questions: how can new images be created in an era that is now overflowing with them? What are the chances of going beyond this saturation and getting results of great emotional impact?
He thus move on a difficult and hard terrain, like a real explorer with a metaphorical magnifying glass, compass and electric torch looking for something that has never been seen. The chosen territory, still unexplored directly by human senses, is the place of the infinitely large and infinitely small: macrocosm and microcosm meet in an unprecedented visual field that synthesized them into a single new reality, now visible to the eyes, now plausible in its perception, but completely rebuilt in two intangible areas, the mental mind of the artist and the electronic one of the computer. In this dual, neural and digital processing, there is the creation of “worlds beyonds”, undetectable unless in that particular visual experience.
The artist performs genuine journeys within network through immense archives of images obtained through highly technological scientific instruments such as electronic microscopes and powerful telescopes. With them he finds valuable material to blend with those captured by his own eyes through photographic apparatus, to be used in his careful analysis of the communicative and cognitive characteristics of an experiential world through these high powered and precision optical devices.
After this first fundamental step in selection, the very magic of the artistic invention occurs. The series titled The Graft, with some preconceived signs in the previous Scintillation series and derivations in the subsequent Sweet November, is an example of this accurate methodology of the artist in creating images both seductive and disturbing. The meticulous vision of the artist makes them become carries of obscure messages and enigmatic interpretation. The seduction is essentially the main subject, that is beautiful and colourful flowers represented in all their spledour. The sensation of astonishment later become apparent in the discovery of strange elements that cannot be attributed to the same natural state, inserted by the artist as disturbing entities. they belong to the human sphere but are not visible to the naked eye in those dimensions, except through the electronic scanning microscope: bacteria, viruses, white and red blood cells, sugars, adipose molecules and parasites. In this way, Aqua Aura completely contorts reality through a well-disguised means of electronic processing, making these images of flowers, neural networks, autumnal foliage and enigmatic landscapes even more seductive and attractive in they sought-after formal beauty and colour.