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copertina natura 0Aqua Aura - Natura.0
a cura di Francesca di Giorgio - ESPOARTE n. 102

Dall'osservazione del tuo lavoro emerge un particolare rapporto con la Natura, in senso lato. Come consideri questo legame a livello personale, come si esplicita nel tuo lavoro – quali tue opere recenti pensi lo identifichino meglio – e come si inserisce nel contesto più ampio dei linguaggi del contemporaneo?

copertina La seduzione dell immagine

Millennial Project - Aqua Aura
by Serena Ribaudo - Segno n. 266

The Synagogue in Reggio Emilia is hosting Millennial Project, a one-man show by Aqua Aura, curated by Chiara Serri. Before our very eyes, Aqua Aura lays out sublime visions in which expanses of polar glaciers become the metaphor for a crystallized moment in time; they are poignant custodians of memory, heroic spirits that hold supernatural powers

copertina La seduzione dell immagineAqua Aura - The seduction of the image
by Alessandro Trabucco - Gente di Fotografia n. 68

For some time Aqua Aura has been working on images which lie in a particular linguistic and visual experimentation area that can break the foundations of the concept of recognizability of the expressive medium used. Aqua Aura is the pseudonym chosen by an artist based in Milan, who wanted be inspired by the natural quartz and its transformation obtained after treatment with gold vapors, to underline a sort of continuous metamorphosis on the path of artistic exploration.




Essay by Francesca Caputo - Juliet art magazine no. 168


For a depth psychology

Interview by Francesca Caputo - ESPOARTE no. 80

For many years Aqua Aura (alias Raffaele Piseddu) has devoted his research to exploring, from the point of view of depth psychology, the sense of fear and fragility generated by the reality in which we live...


Curated by Alessandro Trabucco

Art does not reproduce the visible,
rather it makes visible.
Paul Klee, Creative Confession, 1920