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AQUA AURA - Biography

Having completed his studies at Liceo Artistico (a high school with an arts-based curriculum), the artist graduated in painting from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, with a degree project and thesis titled Anselm Kiefer. L’altro Barocco: uno sguardo sull’espressionismo tedesco contemporaneo (“Anselm Kiefer. The other Baroque: a perspective on contemporary German expressionism”). In 2009, following a long break during which he purposely distanced himself from the frenetic code of contemporary art, he returned to concretely working and experimenting as an artist, and was reborn in the shape of Aqua Aura.

During his years away from the art world, he travelled a lot and expanded his personal store of imagery, which led him to reflect upon the infinite possibilities of art. Always on a quest to find the sublime in our era, he makes works which require specific, direct involvement on the part of the spectator.

His training as an artist has continued over time, in the most disparate forms: by experiencing the vast open spaces of nature, or by travelling and visiting art museums and scientific research labs, and enriching his research into the study of astrophysics, particle physics, biogenetics, philosophy and the psychology of perception. In particular, he established a relationship of collaboration and exchange with the Fondazione AriSLA (Italian Research Foundation for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis); this allowed him to deepen his knowledge of the creation and development of scientific images. In recent years, his artistic language has mainly embraced the field of photography and digital art. He has exhibited his works in many institutions, galleries and museums internationally, in cities such as Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, Maastricht, and Helsinki; he has also taken part in numerous art fairs in Italy and across Europe.

The most recent developments in his work have taken him beyond photography to new languages: having made a series of short films, documentaries and video art works, he has now created installation projects and video-sculptures. While at first glance these works might seem perfect from an aesthetic point of view, far removed from the human being reality, in actual fact, upon closer analysis, they appear to be what belongs to him most intimately, to his being and to his past. An ongoing merging and layering of the images accumulated in previous years, creating new landscapes and new worlds.

He regularly appears as a speaker at conferences and seminars on contemporary art and on scientific research in general. He holds lessons on photography and contemporary art at private schools and foundations. After living and working between Milan and Akureyri (Iceland), he settled in Milan permanently in 2016.

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